You will purchase your image collection directly from the gallery.  If retouching is needed, the final images will be ready within one week (or up to two weeks for extensive retouching).  Images that don't require retouching will be available for download as soon as I am able to send the download PIN.  Any a la carte items can be ordered directly from the gallery, however certain items will involve an approval process before printing. All purchased digital collections come with printing rights and permission to share on social media.

4. Final images delivered for download & a la carte options available

Within 2 weeks after your session, I will email you a link to your online password-protected gallery.  The gallery will already have edits for lighting and color/tone.  You will choose a digital collection package after viewing this gallery.   Retouching can be done to any purchased images if needed.  This includes removal of minor skin blemishes or scars on faces. It does not include extensive skin retouching such as acne removal, hair coloring or taming, teeth whitening, alterations to articles of clothing, or body re-shaping. Any additional retouching upon request will incur a fee of $50 per hour.  All newborn sessions will need newborn skin color correction and retouching, and this is included.   Clients will use the heart icon in the gallery to select the number of images included in the digital file collection package they want to purchase.  Once you have made a decision, you will share your favorites with me from the gallery. Any additional editing/retouching will be completed within one week after you notify me of your selections for purchase.   

3. gallery delivery & Digital Collection package Selection

I will send you a link to answer a few questions prior to the session, so I will know what your goals are for the session. Your session fee includes an email or phone consultation to discuss any further details. I will also email a model release for permission to share a few images from your session.  I really appreciate it because that is how clients see my work.

2. Questionnaire to get to know you and your preferences before the session

I will guide you to the booking calendar to select a date and session time. Then I'll email you a digital contract to sign and an invoice to pay a non-refundable retainer fee to reserve your date and time, due within 7 days of booking. Many locations require a permit fee on an as needed basis. Permit fees can range from $25-$100 per hour, depending on the location.  I have a yearly permit for the Howard County Conservancy, and a few locations do not require a permit fee. We will discuss your options. Sessions include up to 6 people; each additional person is $15.

1. Book portrait Session

Booking Process
gallery delivery

Use the heart icon in your gallery to select your favorite images.  Select the "share with your photographer" option to notify me when you are ready with your selections.  Also consider professional print products.  I can assist you in selecting wall art for your home or design a beautiful album for you. I can only guarantee prints ordered from the gallery.  If you choose to print elsewhere, the images may not be true to color due to the print quality.

Within two weeks you will receive your gallery.  I would love to share a few images from your session on Instagram/Facebook with your permission. 

after your session

Play, have fun, relax, and be yourself.  Don't stress and don't force your children to pose.  Expect your toddlers not to pose.  They can't.  And if they can, that is either pure luck, or your child is one of a kind! If we can capture one image of everyone smiling at the camera, great!  But please know that young children just need to move around and candid images are sometimes all they will give you. And there really is nothing better than the giggly smile your children give you when you make them laugh.  Let's go for those moments!  I have 3 children and I know that they all do not look "perfect" at the exact same moment.  I'm okay with it, and I hope you are too.

Due to Covid, I am not currently bringing a "Bribe Bag"- toys, stickers, and candy.  Sometimes the bribes are helpful in getting cooperation.  

during your session

What to wear? Coordinate your family outfits.  
Cell phones, wallets, and keys can be visible in pants pockets, and do not look good in photos, even if they are completely covered. The shape shows under the fabric.  Consider keeping them in a bag you carry around at the session, if we are on location. Check your children's faces for dried toothpaste or food on their face.  And check their noses and eyes for crust.  This is visible in photos, and delays gallery delivery if retouching is needed. For runny noses, please bring tissues.  Many young children will have a runny nose in cold weather, even when they are healthy.  Runny nose editing is time consuming.

before your session

This is general info for all session types.  I will be sending you a Client Experience Guide later on with more specific information.

How to prepare for your session