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covid-19 UPDATES 

Rebecca Leigh Photography
Client safety is my top priority in the studio. I am fully vaccinated for Covid, and my husband and daughter are also vaccinated as well. Please read over carefully to ensure the health and well being of both your family and mine.

MOST IMPORTANT! If someone in your group has been ill in the past week, I ask you to notify me.  If I, or someone in my immediate family has been ill, I will notify the client.  For newborn sessions, we try to do photos within 5-14 days, but don't worry if we need to wait a few weeks if necessary.

ALSO, please contact me to reschedule if you or your child starts with a runny nose or cough the day of the session.  I will totally understand and I will gladly be very accommodating.  Do not hesitate to contact me, even if last minute. We will reschedule.  Thank you for helping to keep me and my family safe too.  I also ask that if you may have been exposed to COVID-19, or have recently been around someone who tested positive for COVID-19, to please wait to schedule a session.  I have a high risk child at home, so I need to be extra cautious.  

MASKS - Masks will be required to enter the studio and must remain on for the duration of your session.  Masks may only be removed while you are being photographed.  I will wear a mask the entire session. Young children that cannot mask are in the studio only during their part of the session.  

LEAVE YOUR SHOES AT THE DOOR - This will reduce the amount of dirt and germs brought into the studio.  Infant car seats may be brought in and placed right inside, next to the doorway.

ENTER THROUGH BASEMENT DOOR CLOSEST TO THE STUDIO - Prior to Covid, I welcomed clients through my front door.  Now you will text or call me when you arrive and I will come out and escort you to our backyard entrance, closest to the studio.

REGULAR HAND WASHING IS A MUST -  The sink will be sanitized before your arrival.  I always wash my hands very thoroughly right before ALL newborn/baby sessions and I will continue to do so.  Both my client and myself will frequently use hand sanitizer throughout the session, and after touching any props or hard surfaces.  It is also best practice to wash your hands with soap and water after changing a diaper.  This cleans and removes germs better than hand sanitizer.  The sink will have disposable paper towels for hand drying instead of a hand towel.

ALL LINENS AND CLOTHING WILL BE LAUNDERED BETWEEN SESSIONS - This is already a standard practice at the studio. I use All Free & Clear detergent and stain removers.  Items that cannot be easily washed will be used sparingly (or not at all) between sessions.

A CLEAN STUDIO FOR EVERY SESSION - This is a standard practice, but extra emphasis will be put on cleaning the studio between each session.  Disinfecting products including Clorox wipes and Lysol spray will be used to clean hard surfaces, including doorknobs, sink handles & faucet, etc.  An air purifier has been placed in the studio to run before, during, and after your session.  There is a bathroom in close proximity and that will be sanitized before your session.

IMMEDIATE FAMILY ONLY - In order to minimize exposure and keep foot traffic to a bare minimum in the studio, only immediate family members will be allowed to attend sessions.  This includes only the newborn, 2 parents, and sibling(s).  Sibling photos and family photos will be taken first, as well as parent photos.  Then siblings will need to leave once their portion of the session has finished, with a parent or caregiver.  If they will not be included in the session at all, they are kindly asked to stay home with a parent or caregiver.  Prior to Covid-19, dads would often leave with siblings and then return at the end to pick up mom, or mom arrived separately and drove herself home.  

EXTRA TIME BETWEEN SESSIONS -  I will only schedule ONE studio session per day, to allow for thorough cleaning and disinfecting between clients.  

NO OUTSIDE PROPS WILL BE ALLOWED INSIDE THE STUDIO - This makes it easier to complete our session in a timely fashion, and I can focus on posing safely and extra Covid precautions.  I try to get a variety of poses and it is easier to switch out a headband or bonnet, than it is to continually take a baby in and out of different wraps and outfits, which will wake them up and then we get less photos.  This is especially true for babies that aren't sound asleep.  They will react to every touch or movement, so less (props) is more.

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If you would like a studio style milestones or cake smash session outdoors, let me know, and I can set-up backdrops and equipment outdoors, outside of my studio.

Finally, there is the option of having a newborn or baby session at an outdoor location.  It would be a one hour lifestyle session. I would be a minimum of 6 feet away from the client at all times.  For the best lighting, it would be scheduled in the two hours after sunrise or the two hours before sunset. 

ON A PERSONAL NOTE:  My family takes Covid very seriously.  My husband, daughter, and I are fully vaccinated for Covid.  We do not have indoor gatherings so that my children continue to stay healthy. I also want to make sure that I am healthy for the newborns who come into the studio.