Christmas Tree farm Mini Sessions 

Within five business days of signing up for your session, you will receive a digital contract to sign within four days.
 All galleries will have a minimum of 30 images from which to choose your Collection.

Cost: $200 + tax

Retainer Fee includes 10 digital files for download.
Choose Digital file collections for download upon gallery delivery

Rebecca Leigh Photography in Ellicott City, Maryland

Where: Greenway Farms Christmas Trees
Cooksville Location - different from 2018/2019 in photos above - design will also be different
FYI - tree heights at the farm are 6 to 7 feet tall or shorter and they are beautifully shaped

When: Saturday, November 14, 2020 2:50pm-4:45pm ALL BOOKED!
Rain date: Sunday, November 15, 2020 - same time slots (if it rains on the 15th then 16th will be the next back-up date) ****
AND Saturday, November 21, 2020 (Rain date: November 22, 2nd raindate is the 23rd - same time slots) ALL BOOKED!


Please ONLY sign up if you can make BOTH the planned date AND rain-dates!
No Refunds for not being able to make the rain-date.  
Great for Christmas Card portraits, Family portraits, children portraits
 I bring my camera and you bring your fun, playful attitude for authentic images!

Session: 15 minute session with 5 minute buffer between clients

The theme FOR 2020 is environmental portraits without the decor, to ensure a contactless, socially distant photo session, and keep all parties healthy. I will decorate one tree.  You may bring an ornament or pine cone for your child to hold (optional).  SEE more ideas below. And please bring your own throw blanket for seated portraits.  This could be a neutral color(always looks good) or a Christmas plaid if it doesn't clash with your outfits.  I'd recommend solid color clothing with a patterned blanket, but not patterns on clothes and a patterened blanket.


All the Details

Christmas Tree farm Mini Sessions 

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Option to add on additional individual images ($20 each) or
discounted image collections listed below:

Holiday Collection- Add 5 more images ($50)
Evergreen Collection- Add 10 more images ($95)
All Inclusive Collection - Add the entire gallery ($125)

Digital files are delivered through a password-protected online gallery via download
and you will have print release and rights to share on social media.
 Skin retouching (if needed) will be completed on images purchased for download.

 Sign up OPENS September 27th at 11am

NOVEMBER CAN BE WARM OR IT CAN BE FREEZING COLD!  BE PREPARED! Here's some tips for cold or freezing temperatures.  Wind included.

1. If you have a newborn or baby, consider if you want to be outside with your baby in freezing temperatures for 15 minutes.  If you are concerned, consider signing up for fall minis in September/October.

2. DRESS IN LAYERS!!!  Option 1: Dress in your awesome family coordinated outfits, but make your outerwear your main wardrobe for the photo session.  Wear your fancy red wool dress coat with a cute hat and gloves set.  Earmuffs anyone?  And do the same for your kids.  Make your outerwear stylish and festive and voila, nobody has to freeze, unless you want to for a few photos!  We can do this however you want; start the session with a few images without your coats, scarves, hats, and gloves and get a few family portraits.  Then everyone can put their outwear on for the rest of the session, or vice versa.  If you and your family members are good at faking not being cold for 15 minutes, then you may not need to wear outwear during your session at all.  If you are planning to wear outerwear, don't make it an after thought.  It takes some planning to coordinate.  I'm pretty sure my kids' coats do not look good together in photos.

3. Option 2: If you prefer not to wear outwear in your photos but still want to stay super warm, then turn your normal clothing into your "outerwear."  Buy "thermals" for your children to wear under their normal clothes.  If you don't have thermals, find some tight fitting long sleeve shirts and leggings for your children and they will be much warmer during the session.  This goes for both boys and girls. Even mom can wear tights under jeans.  Sometimes a mix of these two options work.  Instead of having to coordinate coats, add hats (or ear muffs), gloves, and scarves to your outfits.  This is especially helpful for younger children. 


                                                                                          During your Session
Thank you for your interest in Rebecca Leigh Photography! Mini sessions are the perfect option for families (of 6 people or less) who want an updated family portrait and individual portraits of their children.  Your gallery will have many beautiful images from which to choose your digital file collection for download. You can expect full family portraits, siblings, individuals, mom+kids, dad+kids, and even a few candid moments.  If you have toddlers, keep in mind that they are usually more interested in moving, so these sessions will be very active, rather than sitting still for portraits.  With young children, it is normal for your family portraits to be more candid in nature, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try for that one shot of everyone smiling at the camera, toddler willing! We want to have fun and if you relax, I promise we will get some images that you will love. I will not provide shared props or blankets this year, due to COVID-19.

                                                                                           Before your Session 
When the session date gets closer, I will provide details on where to meet me at the location.  I recommend arriving about 10 minutes before your scheduled session time to make sure you find parking and have time to get situated.  The session length is 15 minutes and I have 5 minutes in between clients as a buffer.  I will do a weather check, up to the day of the session.  I will make a decision the day of the session to reschedule if there is rain.  I will make the final call at 1:00pm.  If rain is in the forecast, I will keep you posted. THESE SESSIONS ARE SCHEDULED AS A GROUP; IF ONE GETS RAINED OUT - ALL OF THE SESSIONS WILL BE RESCHEDULED TO SUNDAY. Please add my email to your contacts so these important updates don’t go to your spam folder.  Coordinate your outfits for the best overall look in your portraits. Outfits do not have to match, but should look nice together.  See more details in What to Wear in Family Photos below.  View Style Collections by Rebecca Leigh Photography, to get some ideas.  Also, you can google the topic on what to wear for family photos.  Please dress for the weather and location so that you feel comfortable during the session.  More on this topic in "DRESS FOR THE WEATHER TIPS" below. If you will be using these images for holiday cards, incorporating some holiday colors into your outfits always adds some festivity to your images.  If you dress the family in neutral colors, like creams, beige, tans, grays, and other earth tones, you can also add a pop of Christmas colors in small amounts, in the form of scarf or necklace for example.

                                                                                            After your Session 
Much of the work I do takes place after your session.  I select the best images, and bring them to their full potential.  Once you view your online gallery, you use the heart icon to "favorite" your 10 image selections.  If you want to upgrade to the larger digital collections, then add those images to your favorite list, and I will invoice you for those before I send the download code.  Each individual image you select for your digital file collection is hand edited for color/tonality and retouched for skin blemishes/scratches, etc. In the event that your images need additional retouching within the normal scope outlined in your contract, your proofing gallery will be presented for you to make selections before this additional editing/retouching is completed.  This makes the editing process more efficient and allows you to receive your gallery sooner. For proofing galleries that need skin retouching, you will use the heart icon to "favorite" your selected images and send me a note that you've made your selections.  If your selected images don't require additional retouching, they will be ready for download as soon as payment is received and I am able to provide you a download link.  Your online, password-protected gallery will be ready within 2 weeks post session.   You will have the option to purchase more digital files for $20 each, as well as professional prints and products.  


what to expect

Christmas Tree farm Mini Sessions 

To protect the health and safety of all of my clients during Covid, instead of having shared props, I am suggesting what you can bring for your children to hold in photos.  You can bring one or all of these items if you wish.  Or you don't have to bring any at all.  I will have a few back-ups just in case you forget.  I just won't use the same item twice between clients.

A jingle bell, small or large in size....silver, gold, red, or rustic, etc. 
A shatterproof ornament (simple solid color ball in white, silver, gold, red, green, etc.)
A shatterproof snowflake ornament in faux crystal or wood etc.
A pinecone
A snowball.  These were really popular at my tree farm sessions last year!  The little kids LOVED throwing and holding these.  I even played catch with the kids while balancing my camera with the other hand.  You can find 20 packs of snowballs on Amazon.  Or you can use a large pom pom - click here.

OTHER ITEMS to BRING include a blanket for your family - see ALL THE DETAILS above, on that topic


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