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A contract and invoice will be automatically emailed to you to sign digitally and pay the session fee within 48 hours. If you do not intend to keep your spot, kindly cancel your appointment or notify me, so that I can fill that spot. All galleries will have a minimum of 20 images from which to choose your Collection.  After you book, you will receive a brief questionnaire to help me prepare for your session.  I will also email you a client experience guide to give you information on what to bring, what to wear, and what to expect before, during, and after your session.

Cost: $350 + tax

Session Fee includes:
*10 minute session
* your choice of 5 digital files for download
* choose 1 of those images to have a custom magical light overlay
(more details for this provided later)

Rebecca Leigh Photography in Ellicott City, Maryland

Where: A tree farm in Woodbine, Maryland 
exact location will be sent after booking

When: Saturday, November 5, 2022 4:30pm-6:00pm 
Sunday, November 6, 2022 3:30pm-5:00pm

Rain dates for both dates above: Monday, November 7, 2021 - same time slots (if it rains on the 7th then Tuesday the 8th will be the next back-up date) ****
If a rain date is needed for Saturday, please note that Daylight Savings will make the Saturday sessions move up 1 hour earlier, so the 4:30pm time will move to 3:30pm

Please ONLY sign up if you can make BOTH the planned date AND rain-dates!
No Refunds for not being able to make the rain-date.  

For Groups of 6 or less people

Session: 10 minute session 
Sessions are back-to-back, with no buffer between clients.
Your session end time is the start time of the next client, so please arrive 15-20 minutes before your session start time. 


All the Details

Heartwarming Tree farm minis

Option to add on additional individual images ($50 each) or
3 for $90

Upgrade to download the entire gallery for $250 and receive a set of 25 complimentary holiday cards that you can easily design in your gallery

Digital files are delivered through a password-protected online gallery via download
and you will have print release and rights to share on social media.

NOVEMBER CAN BE WARM OR IT CAN BE FREEZING COLD!  BE PREPARED! Here's some tips for cold or freezing temperatures.  Wind included.

1. If you have a newborn or baby, consider if you want to be outside with your baby in potentially freezing temperatures for 10 minutes.  If you are concerned, consider signing up for a fall session in September/October.

2. DRESS IN LAYERS!!!  Option 1: Dress in your awesome family coordinated outfits, but make your outerwear your main wardrobe for the photo session.  Wear your fancy wool dress coat with a cute hat and gloves set.  Earmuffs anyone?  And do the same for your kids.  Make your outerwear stylish and festive and voila, nobody has to freeze, unless you want to for a few photos!  We can do this however you want; start the session with a few images without your coats, scarves, hats, and gloves and get a few family portraits.  Then everyone can put their outwear on for the rest of the session, or vice versa.  If you and your family members are good at faking not being cold for 10 minutes, then you may not need to wear outwear during your session at all.  If you are planning to wear outerwear, don't make it an after thought.  It takes some planning to coordinate.  I'm pretty sure my kids' coats do not look good together in photos.

3. Option 2: If you prefer not to wear outwear in your photos but still want to stay super warm, then turn your normal clothing into your "outerwear."  Buy "thermals" for your children to wear under their normal clothes.  If you don't have thermals, find some tight fitting long sleeve shirts and leggings for your children and they will be much warmer during the session.  This goes for both boys and girls. Even mom can wear tights under jeans.  Sometimes a mix of these two options work.  Instead of having to coordinate coats, add hats (or ear muffs), gloves, and scarves to your outfits.  This is especially helpful for younger children. 



what to wear

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