Family Sessions

November 9, 2019

The Plemons Family – Zailee turns 1

The Plemons Family is new to Maryland and what is impressive is that Tessa (mom) managed to move halfway across the U.S. a few weeks ago, and still schedule a family portrait session in time for her daughter, Zailee’s, first birthday.  Way to go mom!  I’m so happy that I could be a part of this special occasion.  The morning started out pretty chilly, but the sun did eventually sneak out of the clouds to warm us all up.  After a couple of years of photographing in cold weather, I’ve started collecting some useful items to keep in my camera bag.  I haven’t had to use them yet this fall, but the time will come.  I have gloves with fold back fingertips for the “camera button fingers.”  And those hand warmers for my pockets are great in between sessions.

And one of the best ways to forget about the cold, is to do some walking and exploring the environment. Zailee is the on the move and it was so cute watching her take-off in her glitter boots. Since little ones like to keep busy, we go with the flow and move along with them.  Both she and her sister, Amira, have sweet personalities.  Amira greeted me by saying “hi” from her car seat, when I first met them.  She is friendly, just like her parents, Tessa and Jason.  Both of them have a positive vibe and know how to relax and have fun with their kids.  That’s the recipe for an enjoyable photo session.  Happy 1st birthday to Zailee!Zaile is one sisters with their parents one year old standing in dressFamily and father dancing with daughter baby reaching for a flowerFather and daughter and Mother and daughter

baby girl resting on mom's shoulder

Just a sweet moment.

family portraitsfamily on pathwayFamily interacting on pathwayfather giving a kiss on the cheek and sister smilingfamily walking in fall weather

baby smiling lovingly at mom

I remember this moment clearly, when Zaile looked lovingly at her mother and then gave her a kiss. Dad and Amira have the same smile 🙂

mother and daughter smiling at eachothersisters playing in fall leavesbaby is one with wooden letters