Theme- Pajamas & Cookies.  Sessions begin November 24, 2019


Holiday studio Mini Sessions 

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 The $150 plus tax, non-refundable retainer fee can be paid by using credit card with the invoice linked to the contract.  Digital files are delivered through a password-protected online gallery via download and you have print release and rights to share on social media.  All galleries will have a minimum of 15 images from which to choose your edited images for download.  

Cost: $150 plus tax
Signed contract and $150 plus tax, non-refundable session retainer fee to book.
The session fee covers the cost of materials used to create the scenery, a 15 minute session, time and talent of the photographer, and includes 8 digital file downloads of your choice. Your gallery will have a minimum of 15 images from which to choose your 8 edited images. Additional images can be purchased for download, directly from your gallery. Turnaround time is within 3 days of your session.  Sessions on December 7th and 8th will receive galleries within 2 days.

Rebecca Leigh Photography in Ellicott City, Maryland

Where: My home studio in Ellicott City, Maryland 

When: November 24th - December 8th, 2019  

Session: 15 minute session with 5 minute buffer between clients
Session time allows for kids to have one quick outfit change if desired

I'm super excited about this year's theme: "Pajamas & Cookies".  
This will include 2 set-ups.  You can choose one or both during your session.

  Scene 1 is "Baking Cookies:" It is a kitchen scene that is interactive.  You and/or your children will be making salt dough ornaments which will look like cookie dough.  I will have pre-made bags of salt dough for each client.  You will roll out dough, use cookie cutters, and decorate some previously baked dough, while being photographed. It isn't messy, so no worries about getting it on clothing.  Kids get to keep their ornament to take home and bake with the instructions included in the bag. Friends, this is a photo session and art lesson all-in-one, which totally makes sense, as I am a former art teacher! 
FUN FACT: I wrote my Masters thesis on student engagement and I think a great way to capture some candid portraits is having the children create an engaging art project, while I photograph.  If you let them know that they get to make an ornament to keep, I'm sure they will be excited about getting their pictures taken and entertained during the session!  Outfits for Scene 1 can vary.  This can range from dresses, casual holiday attire, Christmas aprons over holiday clothing, pajamas, or Christmas aprons over pajamas.  Scene 1 is for Parents and kids or Kids only. I will have two table heights (one for toddlers), so I will need to know who is participating in advance. 

Scene 2 is "Pajamas and Cookies for Santa".  A beautiful brand new white comforter and holiday pillows will adorn a twin sized bed while reindeer fly through the sky in a window behind the bed.  Scene 2 is for KIDS ONLY, and they can sit or cuddle on the bed surface in their Christmas pajamas or outfits.

 Kids can wear their Christmas pajamas for both scenes, or wear a Christmas apron for Scene 1, over their pajamas. The other option is to change into regular clothing for cookie making. 
 My pre-made baked, salt dough "cookies" can be on a plate on the bed, as an option.

Please note: 
Salt dough contains flour, water, and salt.  If your child has food allergies, please let me know, because I have an alternative. Salt dough is NOT edible, it is just for decoration.

If you choose to have photos in both scenes, I will recommend doing Scene 2 first.  Children should arrive to the session in their pajamas.  They can sit right on the bed when you arrive to start taking photos. Then they can either change outfits or stay in pajamas for making "cookies".  After using the salt dough in Scene 1, you will want to wash your hands and your children's hands to remove the salt. This hand-washing is best done after your session is over, so we don't waste time hand-washing during your 15 minutes.  

Families with 3 or more children: I would not recommend an outfit change between scenes.  If you want to do an outfit change, you may need to book two consecutive sessions so that you have time.  Please contact me first before scheduling if you have a question. 



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Holiday studio Mini Sessions 

                                                                                          During your Session
Thank you for your interest in Rebecca Leigh Photography! Holiday Studio Mini Sessions are a great option for families of 6 or less.  You may be looking for unique and special images for your Christmas cards this year.  Or maybe you want to have some holiday time photos of your children and family to keep in your memory.  If you have toddlers, keep in mind that they are usually more interested in moving, and don't often sit still for portraits.  However, I am hoping with this interactive theme this year, I might appeal to their interests because making art is fun for all ages!  
                                                                                           Before your Session 
Children should arrive in pajamas, or whatever outfit they will be wearing for the scene 2 photos.  I recommend arriving about 5 minutes before your scheduled session time and you are welcome to park in my driveway and ring the doorbell.  I'll have a sign on the porch so you know you are in the right place!  My studio is in my home, so you might be greeted by my daughter at the door.  She loves being my assistant.  The session length is 15 minutes and I have 5 minutes in between clients as a buffer.   Coordinate your outfits for the best overall look in your portraits. Outfits do not have to match, but should look nice together.  See more details in What to Wear in Family Photos below.  View Style Collections by Rebecca Leigh Photography, to get some ideas.  Also, you can google the topic on what to wear for family photos.  If you will be using these images for holiday cards, incorporating some holiday colors into your outfits always adds some festivity to your images.  If you dress the family in neutral colors, like creams, beige, tans, grays, and other earth tones, you can also add a pop of Christmas colors in small amounts, in the form of scarf or necklace for example.

                                                                                            After your Session 
Much of the work I do takes place after your session.  I select the best images, and bring them to their full potential.  I edit each photo and I will complete basic skin retouching before delivering your online gallery. In the event that your images need additional retouching within the normal scope outlined in your contract, your proofing gallery will be presented for you to make selections before this additional editing/retouching is completed.  This makes the editing process more efficient and allows you to receive your gallery sooner. For galleries that need additional retouching, you will use the heart icon to "favorite" your selected images and send me a note that you've made your selections.  If your selected images don't require additional retouching, they will be ready for download immediately. Your online, password-protected gallery will be ready within 2-3 days post session. I know many of you will be using the images for holiday cards, so my goal is to return the galleries as quickly as possible.   You will have the option to purchase more digital files for $20 each, as well as professional prints and products. 


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Holiday studio Mini Sessions 

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Where should I buy holiday pajamas?  Some suggestions are Kohls, Old Navy, Target, Carters, Macy's, Children's Place, Gap, Nordstrom, and  Do I need socks?  Nope, unless you want Christmas socks or slippers, bare feet are just fine.