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March 19, 2024

First Year Membership

First Year Membership Photos with Maryland Baby Photographer of a newborn in a basket, 7 month old in a basket, and a face close-up of a 1 year old

First Year Membership | Maryland Baby Photographer

If you ever considered joining a Membership photography plan, you’re in the right place! First Year Membership | Maryland Baby Photographer, Rebecca Leigh Photography knows you may be wondering what the advantage is. Why not just schedule one photo session at a time? Well, you can. But when you book a First Year Membership, you receive a discount, among other perks. It is a no-brainer to start with the Membership.

One year portraits of a girl in a pink patterned dress sitting on a white fabric stool and then on a knit blanket taken during the first year membership

A professional photographer that offers consistent, high quality images and creates custom heirloom artwork will take the guesswork out of the process for you. You can rely on an expert to provide you with great service, communication, and in the end you don’t just walk away with digital files. Especially if you know those digital files might take you years to finally print, if ever! GASP!

A newborn girl in a mauve color wrap with floral headband being hugged by her sister in a pink dress on a flokati rug for newborn portraits of a First Year Membership

Newborn Portraits with Maryland Baby Photographer

Probably some of your favorite photos you’ll ever have are newborn portraits. This is such a special event in a parent’s life, and the newborn stage goes so quickly. So, capturing these little details will be an important timeframe not to miss! Many newborn portraits are taken within the first couple of weeks of life, but are equally as wonderful if photographed during the 3 to 6 weeks stage. It is never too late to photograph a newborn, however, so if your timing works out that your baby is a little older than 6 weeks, don’t let that deter you from scheduling a photo session.

Milestones Portraits with Maryland Baby Photographer

But don’t underestimate the importance of 6-7 months portraits when your baby might be starting to sit up and show her personality. I mean, just look at this adorable photo below. The sweet innocence and earnest looks that showcase your baby’s demeanor are some of my favorites!

Baby girl in knit mauve outfit and bonnet smiling and crawling on white fabric as part of a First Year Membership | Maryland Baby Photographer

Investment for the First Year Membership

Professional photography requires a monetary investment and that might be one reason why milestones, such as 6-7 months, and 1 year portraits are skipped sometimes. But I’m here to tell you that it is an investment worth making if you are a sentimental someone. I know that I am that sentimental person, for sure! My children and I love looking at their first year portraits from birth, and onwards.

First Year Membership | Maryland Baby Photographer portraits of a newborn wrapped in a basket and then on a blush pink fabric with floral headband

I recently wrote a blog post about how photographs will be one of a few lifetime investments, that will increase with value over time. Not only will your photographs be important to you when you first receive them, you will feel the same way 5 years, 10 years, and decades later. That’s because these images are of your baby and you won’t want to give those images away. And that to me, seems like a priceless investment.

7 month old baby in a knit outfit sitting in a Moses basket taken during the First Year Membership with Maryland Baby Photographer

What the Membership Includes

As a professional Maryland baby photographer, I would like to share some of the perks of joining my First Year Membership. It is a flexible plan, in that you can choose which Milestones you want to have photographed. I offer 2-4 photo sessions within 18 months, so you choose your sessions. This may include Maternity, Newborn, Milestones, First Year/Cake Smash or a Family Session.

First Year Membership | Maryland Baby Photographer portraits of a one year old sitting in a basket compared to her newborn portraits

Perks of the Membership

  1. There is a savings if you book just 2 sessions, and more savings upon booking 3 or 4 sessions, as opposed to scheduling individually. When you schedule your first Membership session, you don’t need to decide if you will book 2, 3, or 4 sessions. So you can start with 2 sessions and add on a 3rd and 4th later.

2. There is continuity to your images. My editing style is consistent between sessions, so your images will pair well together from multiple sessions. This is great for albums or framed artwork displayed in groupings.

3. Rebecca Leigh Photography offers a client wardrobe, so we can coordinate your outfits from one session to the next. This will give your portraits a cohesive look from each session. The main benefit of this is similar to a consistent editing style. Your images will flow nicely together if you maintain a certain aesthetic in clothing style and color. If you stick to soft colors that complement each other, when I design a multi session album for you, the pages will go together. If you want to do a set of matted fine art prints or framed fine art prints, your images can be grouped together. Imagine a newborn portrait, next to a 7 months portrait, and a 1 year portrait, all in the same frame size and style. They can be displayed on your wall as a trio.

4. You will have the option to order artwork pieces after each session or at the end of the Membership. Currently there is a complimentary print credit to put towards Heirloom Artwork.

5. Once you schedule a Membership, your name goes in my calendar for reminders to schedule your subsequent session dates. So you don’t have to worry about contacting me for your next session. I will reach out to you as dates open on my calendar seasonally.

First Year Membership | Maryland Baby Photographer portraits of Newborn baby girl with her eyes open wearing a floral headband
First Year Membership | Maryland Baby Photographer portraits of 7 month old girl in a knit outfit and bonnet sitting in a Moses basket
First Year Membership | Maryland Baby Photographer one year portraits of a girl in a dress

So scheduling your photography sessions with the same photographer, will allow you to create harmonious custom artwork to have and cherish for a lifetime. For more information on Membership sessions, reach out! Portrait sessions include your immediate family. So, you can decide if you want full family portraits at every session, or just some of them.

First Year Membership | Maryland Baby Photographer portraits of newborn girl wrapped in a mauve fabric in a basket with a chunky knit wool blanket