Newborn Studio Sessions

April 30, 2023

Baltimore Newborn Photographer | Motherhood Photography

What is Motherhood Photography?

Motherhood Photography captures the essence of motherhood and this can come in many forms. In some instances, an in-home lifestyle session might freeze a moment of a mom holding her baby while her other children are snuggling in close too. Baltimore Newborn Photographer, Rebecca Leigh Photography loves to capture these moments in the studio too. For the purpose of this blog post, I am highlighting just the special moments with moms holding their new baby.

For many mothers, the love they have for their babies is indescribable. To know them, is to love them, and it’s no wonder that when we say we’d do anything for them, we mean it. That instinct to protect and care for your baby is unquestionable. When I think of Motherhood described in the form of an image, I see glowing light. My photography aims to demonstrate this beautiful bond we share with our babies. So step into the light and be yourself. Look adoringly at your baby, the way you already know how to do, and let’s keep that visual memory forever, in the form of a photograph.

Remembering the love you’ve always felt – in the form of a photograph

You’ll want to look back at these photographs and see yourself holding your baby. And you will remember how you felt in that moment. You will share these stories with your children and they will know with all of their being, how much they are loved.

Each portrait below shows moms and their baby, and though every one is different, they share one thing in common. It’s that special feeling of love. And it certainly is cute when newborns give us a sleeping smile during the photo session.

Baltimore Newborn Photographer

Baltimore Newborn Photographer, Rebecca Leigh Photography guides clients to pose naturally with their babies to create moments that they’ll always want to remember. Want to learn more about Motherhood Photography? Contact Rebecca Leigh Photography here and plan your future photo session.

mom looking at baby girl newborn with white curtain light by Baltimore Newborn Photographer
Mom smiling closely at baby girl for newborn photos with Baltimore Newborn Photographer
mom smiling with eyes closed at newborn baby
Newborn wrapped in cream colored wrap and mom smiling down at baby
mother holding newborn close
Smiling Newborn wrapped in white colored wrap and mom smiling at camera by Baltimore Newborn Photographer
mom in white floral dress looking at newborn with backlighting by Baltimore Newborn Photographer
mom with eyes closed holding newborn baby in wrap
mom holding newborn while sitting on a bench near a window by Baltimore Newborn photographer
smiling newborn girl wrapped in peach with floral headband with mom looking adoringly at her
Mom with eyes closed smiling down at newborn baby boy in cream color wrap