Newborn Studio Sessions

February 22, 2023

Clarksville Maryland Newborn Photographer

Photographing newborns with older siblings are usually the busiest, movement filled photo sessions. Take it from Clarksville Maryland Newborn Photographer, Rebecca Leigh Photography. These sessions usually take the full 3 hours to account for everything happening behind the scenes. Even when things are going perfectly it might feel chaotic to parents coordinating their baby’s needs while caring for a toddler. I always try to keep things calm and relaxed, because this energy works best with little ones.

If it takes a bit of time to begin photographing during your session, don’t worry. The reason we have 2-3 hours in the studio, is not for constant photos. It’s for time to feed and soothe your baby and also wrangle a toddler. Sometimes everything aligns and your baby is asleep and comfortably wrapped at the beginning and your toddler is ready as well. But other times, you get everyone dressed in the client wardrobe and just as we begin to take family photos, the newborn is hungry or your toddler might need a little break. Whatever it is, we just roll with it.

I have 3 children of my own, and between that and my experience as a former art teacher, and current family photographer, patience is so important. The parents who come into my studio are so patient with handling their children too. I think this quality is really helpful in achieving the photos we want. To be honest, the little ones run the show, so a gentle approach works best. This is especially needed for children under the age of 3, because they need to be invited to participate, and allowed to decide if they will. We tend to get the best cooperation if they willingly want to join in. And if they don’t, a little reverse psychology can work sometimes. They see mom, dad, and baby posing and then suddenly they realize they want to be in the photo too. 😉

All this to say, if your baby is a little fussy or things may seem to be going slowly, it is totally normal. You can’t plan ahead too much for how your newborn might be feeling the day of the session. They may be alert, hungry, fussy, or they may sleep the entire session. Who knows! We let their needs dictate the sequence of photos. If baby is happiest in a complete swaddle, then that’s what we do. My job is to keep your baby comfortable and content. Your baby’s needs are at the center of the session.

I have photographed this family as a family of 3, a few times before and they are still just as chill and awesome as always as a new family of 4. I think this shows in their portraits, which I love! You can feel their love and the happy vibe from their kind personalities. Take a look at these genuine moments we captured. And in case you were wondering, the baby’s big (3 year old) sister was totally into participating in the photos. She was happy, pleasant, and just as cute as can be!

If you love the look of dreamy and timeless newborn portraits that highlight your family’s love, then reach out to find out more information to schedule your newborn photo session with Clarksville Maryland Newborn Photographer, Rebecca Leigh Photography.

A mom, dad, sister and baby standing near bright white curtains | Ellicott City Newborn Photographer
Family looking at their newborn baby in Ellicott City Newborn Photographer in Maryland
Dad holding newborn baby wrapped
Mother holding newborn near light filled curtain
little girl hugging her newborn baby sister
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mom smiling at camera holding her baby girl in a wrap
little girl smiling at her baby sister
Ellicott City Newborn Photographer with a family looking at their baby in a Moses basket
Awake newborn girl with bow in her hair and close-up of baby's face
Little girl with her newborn sister with Ellicott City Newborn Photographer
Family sitting together on white bedspread with newborn with Ellicott City Newborn Photographer