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April 24, 2024

Matted Fine Art Prints Box

Heirloom Product Highlight: Matted Fine Art Prints

Heirloom Product Highlight: Matted Fine Art Prints

Matted Fine Art Print of a baby boy wrapped in light blue fabric sleeping
Newborn boy in tummy lying pose on ribbed light blue fabric

The Matted Fine Art Prints Box: a versatile option for the album or frame lover alike. It solves the problem of wanting an album but also wanting to display portraits on a wall, all rolled into one product. Clients can keep all pieces together, or remove one print or more at a time to frame or display in their home. If you like to DIY your frames, and change out the photos, then this product should work well for you.

Newborn boy in tummy lying pose on ribbed light blue fabric

Some of the best photography artwork products include albums, matted prints, and framed artwork. The best part about albums is that they allow you to view many images from your session. The images are kept in a relatively small printed product, albeit the album size can be on the larger side. When you receive the album, no further work is required on your part. It comes absolutely ready to enjoy, as you can place it on any surface in your home and pick it up to view at any time.

Framed Artwork

Then there is framed artwork. You can order your fine art prints in various sizes, ranging from a 5″x7″ print all the way to a 20″x30.” You can select one printed image to enjoy on your wall every day, or you can select several images to frame in a grouping or separately around the house. If you have a particular spot to hang your framed art in your home, this will be a great investment. And don’t limit yourself to framed art in the main rooms of your home. Sometimes hallways leading up the stairs or other small spaces are a welcome space for your portraits. Your matted fine art prints can also be placed inside of a table frame.

Matter Fine Art Prints box showcasing newborn photos of a girl and her baby brother in a basket
Newborn boy in tummy lying pose on ribbed light blue fabric

Best of Both: Matted Print Box

A matted print box is what I would describe as a combination of an album and framed art. It is meant to be enjoyed in either format: in your hands or on your walls. It is great for someone who likes to DIY frames and change out photos inside the frames. It is also great for someone who wants to hang their photos, but maybe they aren’t ready to hang their art right away. Many of my clients who have their first or second baby are in the process of moving to a new home. It is easier to envision a framed piece of art on a wall when you are already living in your new home.

Newborn boy in tummy lying pose on a textured white fabric
Newborn boy in tummy lying pose on ribbed light blue fabric

The matted fine art prints box is just pretty to look at anyway, and the custom embossing on the cover makes it extra special. The hidden magnetic closure keeps the lid in place. It allows you to view your images almost like an album for as long as you’d like, with the option of framing one matted print at a time. Or it allows you to frame a set of matted prints at a time. It is a versatile and beautiful product.

Newborn boy wrapped in white fabric on a flokati
newborn feet macro photography
newborn boy wrapped in aqua in a brown bowl holding a felt heart

Matted Fine Art Prints Box

What Images Should You Include in the Stack?

What images should you include in your matted print box? It depends on how many photo sessions you will be having and what you plan to do with the matted prints. If you plan to book a Single Session with Rebecca Leigh Photography, then you can select 6 or more images from one session. If you choose to join the Membership, you can either order a separate box after each session, or plan ahead and have a multi-session box with prints from every session.

newborn in a Moses basket with his big sister looking over him
newborn boy with his big sister in a blue lace dress
Newborn boy wrapped in ribbed light blue fabric on his back

If you don’t want to wait until your baby’s first birthday session to order your newborn matted fine art prints, you don’t have to. You can order a custom size linen covered print box that holds up to 30 mats. Then after each session, you can order mats to fill up the remaining space in the box. So if you choose, for example, 15 newborn images, 5 milestones images at 6 months, and 10 images at one year, you’ll have it filled not too long after your final photo session. The box will be delivered to you with your images after the first session. The subsequent fine art matted prints will be ordered after each session to add.

Newborn boy in light blue wrap on a flokati  featured in a white mat and a maternity photo of the mom displayed in a white mat

Matted Fine Art Prints box with Rebecca Leigh Photography in Ellicott City Maryland
Matted print box with linen cover and magnetic closure with a matted print

Are you loving the idea of the Matted Fine Art Prints? Notice the words, fine art. These aren’t just photographic prints, but fine art prints on 100% cotton paper. When I first laid my eyes on this paper and the luxurious quality of the prints, I said, “this is what dreams are made of.” I mean, as an artist of various art media, I definitely have spent most of my life studying art and I know quality when I see it. Reach out to Rebecca Leigh Photography, Baltimore photographer, for more info.

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