Newborn Studio Sessions

January 29, 2024

Why You Should Hire a Professional Newborn Photographer

Why should you hire a professional newborn photographer? There are a few life events that can’t be redone. Having a newborn is a short window of time and if you think you want to have photos taken, it’s best to hire a professional newborn photographer. You don’t want to miss out by trying to DIY newborn photos or hiring an inexperienced photographer who lacks proper safety training.

newborn boy in tummy pose with blue fabric and why you should hire a professional newborn photographer
This tummy lying pose is sometimes referred to as “tushy up” pose. Underneath the posing blanket are posing aids to help keep the baby in position and secure. The baby’s left hand is open and gently placed under the baby’s cheek. The back arm is in a relaxed, comfortable, and natural position with the hand up near the back of his head. The left elbow and left knee are carefully brought together in front to create those cute little back wrinkles. The right foot is briefly tucked under and resting slightly on the left leg, which is only comfortable for some babies. Sometimes the foot will be tucked underneath the baby’s bottom and not visible, depending on the baby’s comfort.

Skill and Experience

Taking newborn photos is an art that takes lots of practice and skill. A professional newborn photographer is trained to safely pose your baby. A trained newborn photographer will know the best angles for taking photos. They will know how to position the light for the most flattering portraits.

When I first started photographing my own children I found that there was much to learn when it came to posing and lighting. Some things I discovered on my own, but taking several online classes and in person workshops really helped to refine my skills. So if you are a DIY photographer, you may find newborn posing to be much more involved than you realized. There are many things to consider in terms of safety, camera and lighting settings, lighting positions, and camera angles. On top of the technical requirements to create a photo with proper white balance, exposure, and depth of field, there is also the artistic aspect. The art elements and principles of design are also important in creating a pleasing portrait.

newborn toes show intricate detail with macro photography and why you should hire a professional newborn photographer
Macro photography requires a different camera lens and camera/lighting settings. A professional photographer will know how to use a 100mm prime lens or other macro lens. Macro lenses take detail photos up close.

mother holding newborn baby boy and smiling and father and mother looking a newborn boy
Professional photographers can help take care of the little details and position hands and feet.


When it comes to safety, babies should not be left unattended in a prop or posed in an unnatural position without supports. There should always be a parent or helper sitting next to the baby when they are in a prop. Newborns should never be left to balance in a pose where they can move suddenly, without hands to support them. In general, I prefer a combination of gentle posing and baby led posing for your photo session.

newborn boy wrapped in a white fabric in a brown wooden bowl
A parent was sitting right next to the newborn with a hand on the baby for this bowl pose. When taking the photo, they lift their hand a few inches out of the frame, then place their hand back on the baby. I wear a camera with a neck strap around my neck when I photograph above the baby. A wrist strap can also be used for overhead photos.
newborn baby boy in a white wrap lying on his back and why you should hire a professional newborn photographer
This pose is all about the camera angles.

Why you should hire a professional newborn photographer

Safety is of the utmost importance and time is of the essence when it comes to newborn photos. This is why you should hire a professional newborn photographer. Furthermore, a professional will have the experience to get everything right so you don’t have to worry about your portraits. And that also includes providing suggestions on what to wear, or better yet, providing a client wardrobe. Some experienced photographers have a collection of dresses for clients that they know photograph well. Check out this recent blog post with some of the dresses in my client wardrobe.

Photographs keep our memories, so check out this blog post on the importance of printing your artwork, with a little suggestion on how photography can be used to let go of things.