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August 10, 2021

Handmade Headbands for Newborn Photography

Rebecca Leigh Studio is proud to announce the opening of my shop, Sweet Rebecca Leigh. I create handmade headbands for newborn photography. Not only do these delicate and sweet designs look beautiful and elegant on newborns, they are perfect for baby and children photography too!

Ellie headband on a newborn baby girl in a bowl made by Rebecca Leigh Studio
The Ellie Headband in Pale Peach
Catriona Headband on a baby wrapped in a basket and also on a blanket
The Catriona Headband

The story behind the headband creations

I first became interested in making my own headbands for newborn photography when I was pregnant with my 3rd baby, and just starting to learn the art of newborn photography. I created designs for my photography studio. But it wasn’t until the spring of 2020, that I had the idea to take my creations a step further. One day, while doing flat-lay photos for my new business, Rebecca Leigh Studio, I was inspired to create an online course for making headbands. My background is a Masters of Art in Art Education, so inherently I’m always finding ways to teach art lessons. It’s just a part of me, as I was an art teacher for 7 years before my daughter was born.

Knowing that many people would prefer to buy headbands instead of making them, the Sweet Rebecca Leigh shop was born. The best part about creating these designs is sharing them with others. There is something so satisfying about designing a headband that my newborn photography clients and others can enjoy. It really makes me happy.

Design Inspiration for Handmade Headbands for Photography

In today’s world, you’ll find tiny bows, medium bows, large bows, and gigantic bows. Sometimes the bows are wearing the baby. 😉

It’s easy to misjudge what size will look proportionate on a newborn head. However, oversized bows can be quite cute! You can find those bows anywhere. I design dainty headbands that look proportionately sized for newborn heads (not because I don’t like large bows, because I do). But there are quite a few photographers and parents that want the focus to be on their newborn’s face in the photos, with the headband feature being just a sweet, little adornment. That’s where my Sweet Rebecca Leigh shop comes in. My headband designs do just that!

Not only do I want to create small, intricate, headband features, I also want them to have a natural and organic look. I choose colors that are soft and timeless. And I use materials that look soft, light, and sometimes fuzzy (thank you, mohair yarn). Speaking of yarn, apparently my childhood crocheting skills served some purpose…finally. I mean those crocheted bookmarks were cute back in the day, but not very interesting.

Newborn & Baby Photography

Most photographers are familiar with the Stand-in-Baby. I named mine Cora. Cora was very helpful with sizing the headbands, although I do have plenty of other sizing recommendations in my headband making course, which you can find HERE. I show you how to make baby size decorative headbands too, including the ones featured in these blog posts. 1. Pink and white headband. 2. Ivory headband 3. White headband. My newborn clients love these headbands on their newborns too!

I have a shortage of newborns in my home since my 3 babies are now over the age of 6, so Cora had to do. But once I started to bring in more newborn clients this summer, I was thrilled to see my headbands on their sweet faces! I mean, they are WAAAAAYYYYY cuter than Cora. So without further ado, please see all of these beauties! More portraits will be added later; I’ve only just begun to photograph my collections.

The Peaches & Cream Collection

Let’s begin with the Peaches & Cream Collection. These headbands can be purchased individually or as a set.

The Peaches & Cream Collection | Rebecca Leigh Studio| headbands for newborn photography
The Peaches & Cream Collection
Ava Headband by Rebecca Leigh Studio
Ava Headband
Catriona Headband by Rebecca Leigh Studio
Catriona Headband
Emiliana Headband | Rebecca Leigh Studio | newborn headband with chiffon flower and crocheted tieback
Emiliana Headband
Isla Headband worn by newborn wrapped in a basket with a woven blanket
Isla Headband
Felicity Headband on a wrapped newborn
Felicity Headband

The Little Miss Collection

The Little Miss Collection has 4 different styles, each that comes in 4 colors. Little Miss Olivia, Kerry, Ellie, & Tessa are all variations of handmade chiffon flower designs in pale pink, pale peach, dusty lavender, and mauve.

Olivia Headband with chiffon flowers and crocheted tieback on a newborn wrapped
Olivia Headband in Pale Pink
The Kerry Headband in Pale Peach on a newborn lying on tummy
Kerry Headband in Pale Peach
Tessa Headband on a newborn baby
Tessa Headband in Pale Peach
Ellie Headband worn by baby in a bowl covered with a woven blanket
Ellie Headband in Pale Peach
Newborn baby wearing the Tessa Headband floral flower crown
Tessa Headband in Pale Pink

The Sweet Rose Collection

This is one of my favorites from the Sweet Rose Collection. The Hattie Headband has a silk velvet tieback and a mix of fabric flowers and mulberry paper flowers.

Newborn baby wearing the Hattie Headband with floral fabric designs
Hattie Headband
The Sweet Rose Collection displayed on a wooden block
The Sweet Rose Collection

One more thing! While I do advertise these for newborns, you can use them on babies, toddlers, and children. I only ask that you follow the safety instructions and use common sense. Never leave a baby unattended with the headbands, as small pieces could break off and become a choking hazard. Yes, these are mainly handmade headbands for newborn photography, but you may find that they pair well with children’s dresses and outfits for special occasions and family photoshoots.

Happy Shopping! Each headband is made-to-order by yours truly.