Milestones Studio Sessions

July 30, 2019

Emery’s Milestone Session

All you need is Face Time. Emery is 10 months old and made me feel pretty special when she reached out to give me a hug and let me hold her for a bit.  She stared at me; thought I was okay in her book, and then quickly moved on.  She was pretty calm and sat delicately on the studio floor as I pulled out all the stops with my silly sounds and songs.  I wasn’t always quick enough to catch a fleeting smile, because achieving sharp focus can’t be done with quickfire shutter button pressing.  But leave it to her mom to have the fabulous idea to Face Time Emery’s aunt in California.  Em gave her aunt a big smile and it was the perfect image on camera with the winning smile!  Hooray for Auntie!Baby girl in white decorative romper - 8 months new 0005 - 8 months new 0004 Baby girl 10 months milestone