Milestones Studio Sessions

August 22, 2019

Molly’s Milestone Session

Miss Molly is a new friend of mine and a long time friend of my sister, Kerry (I’m talking nearly 8 months).  😉  Molly and her big sister, Lucy, visited me with their mom, Sarah, yesterday for a photo session.  I first met Lucy when she was around the same age as Molly, and now she is a loving big sister, as you’ll see in Lucy’s perfectly self-posed images with adorable hand placement between the two.  Molly liked watching my daughter play peek-a-boo because Olivia is pretty entertaining.  I am well aware of her high success rate with eliciting smiles from babies, and often ask for her assistance if she is available.

Smiling baby with a lace romper7 months milestones session- Molly 6- Molly 5- Molly 2Milestones session 7 months