Milestones Studio Sessions

August 25, 2019

Tennis Milestone Session

Point. Set. Match. For you tennis lovers, like this baby girl’s dad…this post is for you.  She is super cute getting ready for her GAME.  First SERVE was an ACE.  We had a RALLY going, keeping her happy.  She served us some nice smiles and put a SPIN on a few tennis balls.  After the first SET, her mom called her from OVERHEAD so she could VOLLEY longer.  She’s now crawling CROSS-COURT, which resulted in a few DOUBLE FAULT photos.  But the FOLLOW THROUGH went fine as I did get an APPROACH SHOT.  When she hit her BREAK POINT, the session was FINAL.  I will now SERVE her family a gallery of more than 40 (to) LOVE. Her parents are sure to be happy DOWN THE LINE.

Smiling tennis baby- Tennis baby 0001- Tennis baby 0002- Tennis baby 0003- Tennis baby 0005- Tennis baby 0006- Tennis baby 0007- Tennis baby 0008