Family Sessions

September 5, 2019

Sunflower Mini Sessions

Nature. My peaceful serenity.  Beautiful summer sky and rows of giant sunflowers gazing over the countryside.  This is how I would describe The Sunflower Garden in Westminster, Maryland.  What I love about this magical place is how I’m transformed and feel closer to the heavens when I’m here.  When I first visited last summer, it was evident how special this place is.  There are a few gardens of wild flowers and different varieties of sunflowers have varying bloom times. This year I was lucky to see the driveway blooms peak.  I couldn’t have asked for better weather too.  Please enjoy this landscape with images from this August and August 2018.  It was a pleasure to meet with these families and take their portraits in the stunning landscape. There’s just something about the sunflowers that is extra special and beautiful.  I hope to visit again next summer.  Will you join me?

family kneeling in the sunflower fieldFather holding daughter in sunflowersfamily of four smiling in sunflower gardenboy on dad's shoulders leaning down to kiss mom and his hand over dad's facefamily of four walking through sunflowersDad hugging son in sunflower fieldFamily on a sunflower lined drivewaymother and daughter in sunflower fieldFamily of four looking at wildflowersFamily of four walking a a driveway through sunflowersfamily of four smiling on a sunflower lined drivewaySunflower portraits with a familyFamily of 3girl standing on road in sunflower fieldfamily of 3 with a dog in a sunflower gardenfamily of 4 walking through a sunflower fieldfamily of four during sunset in sunflower fieldbeautiful family smiling with sunflowersfamily walking away into sunset at sunflower fieldtwo boys giving mom a kiss on the cheek family smiling at eachotherfamily holding hands walking through wildflowersmom and dad lifting toddler in sunflower field at sunsetmom nose to nose with toddlerfamily of four near a tractorfamily laughing togetherfamily smiling in sunflower fieldfamily of 3 surrounding by sunflowersfamily standing during sunsetSunflower field sunset with family of three smilingbaby looking face to face with a sunflowerfamily sitting in front of wildflowersbaby boy standing near wildflowers