Family Sessions

September 10, 2019

The “W” Family and daughter’s first year milestone at the Howard County Conservancy

This Sunday morning I got to start my day with this adorable family at the Howard County Conservancy.  This is one of my favorite locations for photo sessions because there is so much variety in the landscape and structures.  Alyssa and Zach recently celebrated their baby girl’s 1st birthday. So, it was a special time to capture some family portraits.  Although Lorelei has grown so much since I first met her, I’ve gotten the 411 on her sweet and entertaining personality. Her daily adventures with her big brother, Logan, on Instagram are so amusing.  Their mother is very clever with her captions, and she always makes me laugh. She definitely has two cute inspirations.  It reminds me of all the funny things that my little ones were up to a few years ago.  You can tell from the images shown here, this is a photogenic family that is also fun to be with.  And both Alyssa and Zach are witty, so they made me laugh too.  Needless to say, their family made my job easier and their children were wonderful too.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this milestone for your family. 🙂

Family of four next to a barnfamily of four standing next to a barn and a boy in a thinking poseFamily of four smiling at each other in front of a barnFather holding two children and mother holding daughter in front of a barnmother smiling at son in front of barn and father holding daughterdaughter standing holding mother's hand and mother holding daughterfamily of four standing in front of barn at the Howard County Conservancyfather and son wearing matching plaid shirts and daughter in flower romperone year old girl standing in a ballet position and holding her mom's handsmother and son hugging and smilingmother holding son's hands one year old girl sitting in a galvanized tub with wooden one lettersBaby girl holding a wooden onesister and brother sitting on a tree stump surrounded by mulchBaby girl wearing a flower romper and pink hair bow sitting on a tree stumpMother sitting with two childrenFamily standing by a white fenceCouple hugging near a treeFamily sitting on a tractorfamily of four sitting in a garden


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