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January 21, 2020

Zara turns one year

It is always an honor to photograph a newborn and then see her back in the studio one year later to celebrate her first birthday.  This little cutie was all grown up from when I last saw her.  She’s walking, and full of adorable little expressions. One of my favorites is of her with her hand on her head.  She did this twice during the session and it made us giggle. She definitely appreciated her cake, as is evident in the photos.  Scroll down to the last image and ask yourself if you ever felt the way that Zara did after too much dessert. 😉

If I have a studio session on the weekend, occasionally I might ask my daughter to assist me with getting some smiles.  But on this day, my four year old son, sneaked downstairs in his Flash superhero costume. When my husband came to retrieve him, I said “the Flash” could stay a few minutes. The superhero was doing a great job getting Zara to smile and laugh, just by standing there in front of her. At that point we captured some of our favorite photos.  Kids are often the best at making other kids smile. 🙂Baby wearing blue dress with snowflakes background - Winter cakes smash 0002 - Winter cakes smash 0004 - Winter cakes smash 0005 - Winter cakes smash 0006 - Winter cakes smash 0007 - Winter cakes smash 0008 - Winter cakes smash 0009 - Winter cakes smash 0010 - Winter cakes smash 0011 - Winter cakes smash 0012 - Winter cakes smash 0013 - Winter cakes smash 0014 - Winter cakes smash 0015 - Winter cakes smash 0016 - Winter cakes smash 0017

baby holding a cake smash spoon

I can’t believe I ate all of that cake…

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