Newborn Studio Sessions

January 27, 2023

It’s Snuggle Time – Howard County MD Newborn Photographer

It’s snuggle time. This is what newborn photography sessions are about when it comes to incorporating sibling and family portraits. You may have some special memories of when your first born was introduced to your second baby. And we love to capture the relationship on camera.

I’ll never forget the first thing my 2 year 8 month old daughter said to her new baby brother. “Do you want to play Ring around the Rosie?” I was holding my 1 day old baby boy, and I was so excited for my sweet daughter to come visit us in the hospital. She walked right over to us and immediately directed that question to her sleeping brother, as though he might take her up on it. It was the cutest thing ever! She automatically thought she’d have a new playmate. I’m sure he would have loved to if he was capable of participating in anything only hours after birth. 😉

In my opinion, the best images are ones of you looking at your baby. You get to sit on a bench or the “bed” in the studio to snuggle close together. Instead of cheesing for the camera, the most genuine images are ones of your older child gently leaning towards or cuddling their new baby sibling. And if the photo session is of your first baby, then we do the same thing with parents.

Families can relax and sit or stand together and embrace their baby to tell the story of their new family. It’s snuggle time, so when you come to the studio for newborn portraits, you’re only job is to love on your babies. During the photo session featured below, this sweet family did just that. We moved around a bit to photograph different angles so you have a variety to choose from in your gallery. With my sheer curtain set-up, I can create the look of soft window light.

Can you picture your family having some tender moments together in the studio? Let’s connect and set up your session. I recommend booking your newborn session a few months in advance. Get in touch here!

Family looking at their newborn baby with white curtains in the room | It's snuggle time
Newborn in Moses basket and furry fabric and Mom smiling at newborn in basket
girl in pink dress in front of white curtains looking at newborn sibling in a basket
mom holding newborn and daughter | It's snuggle time
newborn on quilt
Family of four smiling and sitting close together | It's snuggle time
girl on flokati with newborn sister | It's snuggle time
Newborn girl swaddled with decorative headband and lying in a blush fabric bowl
Newborn girl swaddled in a basket
Dad holding newborn and sister giving newborn a kiss | It's snuggle time
Mom smiling closely at baby girl | It's snuggle time
Newborn girl swaddled with decorative headband
mom smiling with eyes closed at newborn baby | It's snuggle time
Newborn girl swaddled with decorative headband
Newborn girl swaddled with decorative headband and lying in a blush fabric bowl
Parents and sibling looking at newborn baby | It's snuggle time

With all the images to choose from in your proofing gallery, here are some tips for making your selections.