Newborn Studio Sessions

January 14, 2023

We Love Newborn Photography | Howard County Photographer

We Love Newborn Photography

“We love newborn photography!” What’s a better testimonial than straight from the faces of newborns. I mean, look at all these smiles! These babies love spending time in my studio. 😉 And I love them too.

So we all know that newborns aren’t social smilers during the weeks after birth. They make all kinds of funny expressions for no reason in particular. But we can’t help but see those smiles as a sign of happiness, because of what smiling means to us. When adults smile it’s nice, but when newborns smile it is on a whole new level of cuteness that we just can’t get over.

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time, and finally I’ve sat down to compile a folder of newborn smiles from 2021 and 2022. I’m sure I have many more smiles from way back, but that would require quite some more file sorting. And like my laundry, I just don’t have time for that.

I guarantee that you will be smiling back at your screen when you take a look at all of these cuties.

Newborn baby girl smiling with eyes closed
newborn girls wrapped in mauve and decorative headband
newborn girl in lavender and big smile
newborn baby wrapped in pink bows and smiling
newborn boy on gray fabric smiling
newborn boy with big smile
newborn boy with smile on blue fabric
newborn with flower headband smiling
newborn baby smiling with pink flower headband
awake baby with big smile
baby boy with smile in mom's arms
newborn girl smiling with decorative wraps
newborn girl smiling big in mom's arms
parents holding smiling newborn boy
parents holding smiling newborn girl in lavender
We Love Newborn Photography - newbornsmiles 0035

Whaaat?! The photo session is over?!

“Whaaat?! The photo session is over?!” When the sessions are over, the babies are so sad. Disgusted, even. Just look at these faces of the newborns when they hear me say that I’m taking my last photo. Yes, they really love working with me, even if they are asleep. 😉

So please book your newborn session so that your baby gets to realize their dream of becoming a model for a morning. It’s one of their favorite things to do.

Some newborns will disagree with this, as they want to cluster feed instead of pose for photos, but that’s okay. There are still plenty of babies that have FOMO (fear of missing out) and they will pose (ahem, sleep) for hours.

Now please get a good chuckle at these adorable facial expressions.

sleeping newborn girl with funny frown
awake newborn girl with look of worry
sleeping newborn with pout on face
awake baby making a funny expression with his tongue out