Newborn Studio Sessions

February 12, 2022

Neutral colors are timeless

When my clients ask me what to wear for their newborn photo sessions, I always recommend neutral colors. Neutral colors are timeless. Have you ever bought an outfit that you loved at one time but then a few years later wouldn’t want to wear it anymore? By choosing neutrals colors, chances are you will look back years later and still love your photos. Neutrals never go out of style, in my opinion.

Neutral colors are timeless because they don’t date a photo as much as some colors or patterns. But the future aside, if we are more interested in capturing the moment, then why not have the newborn be the main focus? If you wear a bright color, plaid, or bold pattern, the viewer’s eye will automatically go there first. If you wear a neutral color, you allow the focal point to be your faces. And that is what we want to see the most. You are having photos taken to celebrate the birth of your sweet little baby. Let’s create an image composition that directs the viewer’s eye to your baby.

Another reason to choose neutral colors is the undeniable creaminess the colors create in photos. Neutrals look flattering on all skin tones and don’t create color casts on skin. If you wear a red shirt, the red can reflect onto your baby’s skin in the photos. This is called color cast. When I edit, I much prefer the look of skin tones next to soft colors or neutral colors.

During the photo session you can choose what color wraps you want on your baby. It is much easier pairing the wraps with your outfits for the family photos if you are wearing neutral colors. If you are wearing a regular color, then you have to make sure the wrap doesn’t clash with your outfit.

All this being said, it is important that you like what you are wearing too. It’s not just about the color, but the cut as well. You want to wear something that looks flattering on you. Don’t worry about your belly though; it took up to 9 months for your belly to grow and it will take time for it to go back. You’ll be holding your baby across your chest and most studio photos are taken from the waist up. That’s why I chose client closet outfits with pretty sleeves or necklines. In mother/baby photos, that is mostly all that we see when you hold your baby close.

Choosing your outfits

Ultimately, you can wear what you want for your photos. There are some nice colors that will also have a timeless look in photos. I would just suggest muted tones of whatever color you choose. If you need help selecting an outfit before your newborn session, just ask me and I will be happy to help.

Tell me what color you want to wear and I can assist you with finding something that will work well in photos. You are welcome to borrow from my small client closet of dresses and tops. It includes outfits for moms and children. If you’d like to see my client closet, click HERE.

Here you can see an example of newborn portraits with neutral colors. The parents also chose neutral colors for the solo baby photos. This makes for a nice and cohesive gallery.

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father holding a newborn in a wrap
father holding a newborn in a wrap
parents holding newborn baby
newborn wrapped on flokati
newborn wrapped on flokati
newborn sleeping on soft fabric
newborn sleeping on soft fabric
newborn sleeping on soft fabric
newborn in a bowl
newborn in a basket and in a bowl
close-up of newborn face
newborn smiling on soft fabric
newborn toes